Thursday, August 26, 2004


I'm glad that the gospel, as Brennan Manning says, "is for ragamuffins." Occasionally, now being one of those occasions, I realize how stupid and selfish I am and how much God truly loves me despite that. I have a couple of friends who have come upon a situation that I judged them for. I judged their attitudes, their behavior, right down to their character. And I don't mean I made a judgement call, I mean I was judgemental. Being judgemental is a step down from being vindictive. In the course of anger, I let mine get outside the realm of righteous anger, and I became unloving. But they are bigger men than I am right now, because they are forced to deal with the situation, while I sat back on my haunches like a tennis referee and threw indictments out at them. I thank God for bringing me to the end of that. I thank Him for giving them love enough to forgive me. I pray that He will give me love enough to support them both. I thank Him that the gospel, the Good News, is fit to measure for ragamuffins. I'm glad that, occasionally, I find out anew that I am one and always have been, and that it's ok.


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