Thursday, August 19, 2004

Sunny Graceville, Florida

Here I am at Katrina's parent's house. We're here for her brother's wedding. I am plodding clumsily through Walden and Name of the Rose, which I enjoy even though a good portion of it is in Latin. And my skills in Latin don't exist, so it's somewhat difficult. I'm sure that they'll be a little better after I finish the book.
We're here to get our vacation. I remember a book that my mom had called the Mom Dictionary. It defined vacation as "where you go to get away from it all - only to find it there too." I guess that's how I feel going on vacation with my folks. They try so hard to have fun that it seems like work. So here I am on an actual vacation. I sit around and read. I write music. I play the piano (I purposefully didn't even bring a guitar). I go swimming in the dark by myself. And, of course, I eat. No no.......I engulf. Eating at Karen and Richard's house is an event. Karen has a freezer chock full of leftovers. (What does that mean anyway? What in the world is a 'chock'?) That, plus the food cooked during the week. It's nearly insane around here because of the wedding this Saturday, but I'm enjoying myself. And after Kat and I leave, we head off to school, which has become sort of a vacation from summer.
It's strange how we always require some sort of change after awhile. I guess this doesn't apply to everybody, but if I sit at my parents house for too long, I go crazy. I end up being lazy and gluttonous. If you remember Derek Webb's song Stupid Kid from Caedmon's Call's self-titled album:

I think this place is swell
There's much familiar here
I get my laundry done
And I get home-cooked meals
When I'm feeling tired
I can turn off all the lights
With no one knocking on the door
I'll pretend I'm not alive

Now, while that was an unnecessarily long quote, it just about sums up my summer when I have nothing to do. So I end up making up things to do. From thence come my strange dishes that I cook, books that I read, things that I paint without meaning, etc. I do occasionally come upon a legitimate project. I guess it's good that I had a job this summer. Right now, I'm in the process of creating a new website. The idea came from Over the Rhine's site. So now, I'm trying to put all my writing on one website. Thus the quote "Beowulf unlocked his horde of words." Ciau.


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