Monday, September 20, 2004


I have to say I'm blessed to have spent an evening with a family that I know from school. They have (I think) eight children. I always lose count. But they're some of the Godliest people I know. They care about each other like no other family I've ever encountered. I've been blessed to be teaching one daughter guitar lessons. And after the lesson, they invited me to sit down and eat with them. It is mentally astounding to actually sit down and pray and eat and talk with a family that cares for and loves each other as much as they do - it's almost like reading a story. Every time I go to their house and see them together, I feel I've experienced a Thanksgiving Day get-together. They live up on a hill top overlooking the whole residential part of Jefferson City. You can see for twenty miles or so and you can see the royal blue seam of Cherokee Lake piercing the green of the hills. And at night.....oh, by the way, I saw a shooting star tonight. Just thought I'd throw that in. A falling star is sort of a reminder that God likes to play and have fun. That's what I think it might look like if God was shooting marbles. This life is full of beauty. I bought a pint of Sun Drop flavored sherbet the other day. Miracles are wonderful.


and Blogger TheDevilIsInTheDetails addressed the Senate...

For the next hurricane category ; the easy way to keep going.

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