Monday, November 01, 2004


Saturday was the most relaxing day that I've had in about as long as I can remember. Kat and I went to a retreat that our church's youth group did. It's the Fall Retreat to Camp Carson (now Carson Springs) that they go on every year about this time. Usually, I'm having to do something like music or having to orchestrate something. This year, however, I didn't have to do Jack Squat. I've met Jack Squat, he lives in a little brick house outside Lenoir, NC, just in the shadow of Hibrighten Mountain. He grows tomatoes for his neighbors and his grand-nieces come to visit him every other weekend. He's an awesome guy. You should look him up.

Anyways, Kat and I went to Carson Springs. We got there at about 11:30 in the morning after a night of extra sleep. We walked in to the end of the morning worship service to hear T-Bone (or Tony, whatever you know him by - he did Fuge last year at Charleston, I think) talking with the group. Then Todd Wishart (a wonderfully talented guy that I was privileged to play with at First Baptist Bearden) got up to do the music. After the service, I stayed for the meeting of the leaders, simply because I felt like I should be there. Then I went to help Kevin and Jamison set up for rec. We set up and threw frisbees and footballs till the group got there. After rec, I simply wandered around, ending up in the woods on a park bench next to a creek. I spent a few hours there, reading Dostoevsky and sleeping and watching the leaves cascade down to the ground. Then I went to eat dinner and read my bible. I wandered out into the lobby of the conference center, where the tail end of To Kill a Mockingbird was playing on the television. Then Kat and I left to go to my parents' house. I can't think of much more to tell you, I only wish I could tell you that in person to make it sound more interesting and less hurried. But I must away to class now. Throw leaves at people and roll down hills.


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