Monday, January 31, 2005

The Disappearing Fiancee

The show at New City with Hands of Thomas was a phenomenal success! We were second in line to play, preceeded by a wonderfully talented group called Sefrona, and succeeded by good friends Hands of Thomas. Despite a growing mound of stress as we got there and as set-up and sound check began, we were blessed to connect with the audience in a way that I was skeptical of because of the full band sound, amongst other factors. Stephen Cox, of our pilgrim companions Under Shiloh, gave us a chance to play with a great and musically sensitive drummer, while my friend Mike Holsenback filled up an otherwise thin sound playing bass, and on extremely short notice, I might add. The house was full, and the folks were attentive. This is a great combination. I was also privileged to have a great number of friends in the audience, with whom I got to share these stories tucked away in melody.

I was asked several times where my fiancee was. It strikes me as odd the number of people, even close friends who know me, who think that it's necessarily a tragedy for her to not come to a concert that I'm playing at. To tell you the truth, she knows more of me than anyone can glean from my songs. My lyrical ability is not so up-to-par as to be able to reveal all that I want to say. Though I do appreciate the sentiments in that regard. Thus, with her being already informed and sharing in my life already, there's not much to verbally communicate to her that is profound. And fortunately, Kat is usually the end of my search for profundity, since such an endeavor often begins with a step of pride anyway. I think it's great that she doesn't feel the need to come to every show I play at, and that I don't feel the need for her to do so. I love it when people love my music, and I love it even more when I connect with them through a story. But if everyone knew me as Katrina knows me, most would turn away in disgust. And yet she looks on me with love. As Paul said, "This is a profound mystery..."


and Blogger adam addressed the Senate...

finally found your blog! yeah!

*sigh* it's been a while since i hit the new city. performed there my junior year... oh... so... long... ago...

suggestion: set your blog to show 15-20 posts at a time. right now (unless i go to your archives) i can only see your last post on jan 31.

6:30 AM, February 03, 2005  
and Blogger Whipple addressed the Senate...

I need to put my archives on the page anyway, but I don't particularly like showing more than one post at a time. I feel like the page is more focused on the one specific post this way. Thanks for reading!

10:43 PM, February 03, 2005  

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