Friday, July 29, 2005

Radio Chaos

I just about reached through the receiver and over the airwaves and grabbed a fellow by the face the other day. I was listening to a program on 620AM, which is the Christian talk radio station in 'metropolitan' Knoxville. They have some really intellegent and thought-provoking preachers on there, so I usually channel-surf over it at least once between Jefferson City and Knoxville. So I was listening to this guy who had a talk show, sort of like Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage, and he was going on about child molesters. I'm just going to level with you - he said, and I quote, "They should all be killed." That's right, all dead. Capital punishment, every one. He then proceeded to quote the verse where Jesus says that it would be better for a man to jump into the sea with a millstone around his neck if he caused a child to sin. This was his entire reasoning for a total lack of mercy for child molesters. Granted, what they do is horrible, but sheer dispassionate murder is not the answer for them. Besides, I get the impression that Jesus was talking about judgement in a heavenly sense, not the penalty bestowed by men, since "it is given unto men once to die" anyway, and we should "be afriad of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell." Heck, while we're hard at this killing, let's bring in some liars, and some thieves, and possibly some rapists. They all deserve to die as well don't they? "The wages of sin is death." Isn't that what that means.......that we should kill all the sinners?

What a load of crap. I felt wonderfully inclined to call the guy up and ream him a new exit for his attitude. Then, some woman called in to talk about Pokemon. Now, I don't like Pokemon, it irritates me sometimes, but there's nothing wrong with it. He proceeds to talk about how Pokemon is a precursor to involvement in the Occult and how it poisons childrens' minds with fantasy. He actually said that fantasy was a bad thing. So, out with Chronicles of Narnia and Tolkien. And certainly we must be rid of that demonic Harry Potter (please tell me you hear the sarcasm gushing like an open wound). And Santa Claus, now he's got to go. And I think all fiction is bad too. So the parables that Jesus told, those were really lies. They didn't help us to be rooted in reality. Or were they realistic fiction, and thus not sacreligious? Is realistic fiction okay? I guess that makes reality TV our best source of Christian entertainment........

Alright, yeah, I'm taking it too far. Oh, and I think my favorite quote was how Pokemon was developed by a "pagan nation." I'm sure all the Japanese Christians would agree. I'm going to go to church now and pray the Prayer of Jabez thirty times in succession. Maybe I'll double my money and forget that I live in a pagan nation.


and Blogger Jared addressed the Senate...

Amen...and Amen. The sad reality is that there is a large majority of people who would unloading thunderous applause and be right there with that talk show host.

This is just yet another example of a person taking scripture out of context and using it to satisfy their point and put that "Holy" support to their debate.

6:58 PM, July 30, 2005  

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