Monday, October 31, 2005

Monkey Business

I recently got an email from my wife that was forwarded from her grandmother. Frances (her grandmother) thinks it wise to send things like this, so we end up checking out lots of hoaxes on the internet under the impression that they're real. This latest thing was probably the funniest I've come upon. I'm not sure how it works for everyone, but supposedly, you can look up anyone's driver's license in the US. The ID fraud possibilities are endless, so I thought, "I'd better see if mine's really on there." So I check it out to see if I can delete anything. Looking up.....Adam Whipple.....Tennessee.......Knoxville. 1 match. Oh great, I think. Somebody can print out a copy of my license. So I click on the link and I'd like you to see my license as it appears on this 'legit' database.

Yep. That's right, I'm in a state of chaos with hair everywhere. I'm a gibbon, or whatever that monkey is. So.....yeah. Don't fall for this one. I feel dumb knowing I've been hoodwinked by my wife's grandmother. Things like that aren't supposed to happen are they? So anyway, better make sure your identity isn't at risk. Some gibbon is off in the bahamas drinking pina coladas and playing volleyball with gorgeous bikini-clad women and tanned muscular men. And he's doing it all as if he was Adam Whipple. I've been had!


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