Monday, October 10, 2005

Pause for Breath

Kat and I are taking this month off. From nearly everything non-essential. We're not playing or singing at church. We just get up and go. Yesterday was the most wonderful Sabbath I've had in a while. We got up at about 8:45 and went to the kitchen to cook breakfast. We actually got to sit down and eat breakfast! Freakin' A! It was also the first day of real cold this year. It was a good 55 or so degrees on the cloudy 40-mile drive to Salem. Now, 55 may not be cold by anyone's standards, but it sure feels great after a summer of 90's and 80's that last until a few days ago. And I didn't speed on this drive, we just sat back and watched the world roll lazily by. Despite the claims of some that we might be heathens, we didn't go to Sunday School. We just walked in, went to meeting, and went to the house for lunch. I can't remember the last time a Sunday was that relaxed. So this is pretty much what we're doing for all of October. Working and relaxing. I'm playing a few shows to help generate some revenue for paying for studio time, so check out the LISTEN & LOOK section to your right for dates and times. The show this Friday is for tips only, so bring your loose change bucket.


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