Saturday, February 25, 2006

Back in the Saddle

It shall be a short post today, as I have several things to do. I played the first show in several weeks last night (and the first one since I've been sick). Karen and I played the little sitting room at Carpe Librum. It ended up being a very impromptu concert for a cozy group of folks. So cool. A fellow there who is related to Karen took money that he put in the tip jar and made origami. Afterwards, Andy and I went across the way to Wok Hay, where I got convinced that I need to change my usual Singapore Noodles order to the Pad Thai, being that it's the smaller, cheaper version of Pud Thai from the Stir Fry Cafe. Whole leaf basil, bean sprouts, peanut sauce.......I love it.

I bought Caleb Howards stratocaster and case. So finally I have a power guitar of my own to take to Irmo, which, by the way, I feel that I'm way behind being prepared for. But that's only one of the many things I've got my hands in right now. Kat and I looked into other options for getting the album printed, and landed on the idea of doing it ourselves. Oh well, if you want something done right..... Besides, with the cds that I'm expecting to sell, I don't think I shall worry about big numbers, and these are easily replicated anyway on our part. Sorry about the brevity, but that's all for today. Check out Life and Times for more concert dates. And I think I'll change a couple tracks on there for fun and variety soon.


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