Monday, October 09, 2006

Ron Luce Rides Again

A quandry before bed...

I cut out this article so as to remind myself of the problems I see. Give it a read and then sit back and think about it. Then read it again.

Evangelicals Fear the Loss of Their Teenagers

The content certainly reveals a side of subculture Christianity that rubs me rather raw. Thus, I must kindly reveal that there are a few aspects, such as the ease of integration and community (although this presents some challenges of a different nature), that I do not find altogether detrimental.

However, I'm not quite sure that I agree with Luce and others about the causes of "the loss of [our] teenagers." The 'causes' quoted seem to be more symptomatic than efficacious. Anyway, the article is by Laurie Goodstein, the Times' religion correspondent, and I think I'll be reading more of her...


and Anonymous Anonymous addressed the Senate...

I have great memories of being the dominant group in my high school. We were always branded as "That Church Group" simply cause we has so much involvment with the community it made people uncomfortable.

I do see what this article is talking about though. Teenagers are less interested in the "Youth Group" nowadays.

I think the key is that you have to find new ways to engage youth. The traditional ways are not always going to work.

alot of it also rests upon the the attitudes of the teens themselves.

12:26 PM, October 10, 2006  
and Blogger Whipple addressed the Senate...

This is true, however, I think that there seems to be a lack of theology behind the gist of Luce's message as denoted in the article. I'm sure Feldman will have corrections to make to my raving, but I feel like their attack on divorce, extramarital sex, cynicism, and Ryan Seacrest(?!) is kind of like putting out Greek fire with water. I think that they, and we, need a spiritually empathetic sense of suffering in the face of these tragedies - and that rooted deeply in a sense of joy in Christ. Not that this will 'fix all the problems', but I think it will better equip us (and teens) to engage the world. Certainly more so than specifically depriving us all of vices and bad situations.

6:49 PM, October 11, 2006  

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