Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Sheep in the Wolf-pen!

As I often do, I turned to NPR today and caught the news. One particular report today revealed the frustrations of lawyer Michael Weinstein about the existence of a group called Christian Embassy within the walls (specifically, the E-ring) of the Pentagon.

Citing them as a "radical fundamentalist organization" on the program, Weinstein seemed quite upset about, among other things, the 'fact' that CE received taxpayer dollars as funding. The problem with this lies in the 501(c)(3) nonprofit status of CE. I also found it quite humorous that he would apply the word 'radical' - albeit indirectly - to Dr. D. James Kennedy, who was recorded speaking at a prayer breakfast in the Pentagon for the group. The gospel, of course, is what Mr. Weinstein was unknowingly referring to as "radical," and he is correct. But I can't escape the humor of the whole situation.

A few high-level military officials were taped on a promotional video for CE.....in uniform. This is the beef of the outrage by Michael Weinstein and also the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, who are preparing to sue the government for endorsing a particular religion. While I can't, as an American under the Constitution, condone the officials appearing in uniform on the video, after a little thought, I recalled that I submit to a higher Authority and Allegiance, and the whole bit became quite funny. It feels like our spies have been found behind enemy lines, and they're getting slapped on the hand for it. But, make no mistake, I said to myself. We are in the midst of quiet and bitter warfare, ever behind the curtain of this world. We were born to be warriors, and we cannot serve two masters. Practice your swordsmanship well...


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