Friday, March 30, 2007

Household Critters: Part 1

One of those fun things in married life, and life with children, I would suppose, is finding the new household critters that become part of daily life. The latest and most interesting one so far has to be the Fema-Hair-o-Phlox, or FHP, for short.

I remember my friend Nathan discovering the wonder and brilliance of girls' hair - saying that it was an element on the Periodic Table. I tend to agree, along with the smell of honeysuckles, dirt, and Pad Thai (my Periodic Table is rather simple). But when girls' hair escapes their heads, it begins a new life as a creature of darkness, clinging to everything and colonizing the most obscure places. I just came upon a colony while changing clothes a minute ago. It had clumped together into a completely new organism and was staring at me from the floor. I turned and saw it, almost jumping out of my skin, since it had decided to resemble something an entomologist would capture. Not a spider or an ant, but one of those things you'd make with Creepy Crawlers, and eat when you were a kid. I'm forced to add this to the lists of small inhabitants in my house, but I'm not sure I can get away with calling it a pest.


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