Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Knoxville Plays Host

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Since January of this year, the springs have been wound a little tighter in Knoxville, after the atrocity of the double murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, and after all this time and much protest by the city (government, media, and citizens alike), a white supremacist (mostly, the Vanguard News Network) group used their Constitutional rights to hold a rally downtown. I called Kat, who was coming to pick me up from work, and told her not to go through downtown, though I thought of taking my camera and going there myself for purposes of group rememberance (oddly, in black and white), but the camera was in the car, and I couldn't get off work. Perhaps it was better that way.

The white supremacist group, led by Alex Linder (VNN) spouted off all the things one might imagine that they would (and some that one might not), and many citizens of Knoxville spouted off as well, in high dudgeon, of course.

A Bit of Coverage
Here is an article on the original murder that is quite difficult to make it through.

Here is a rather triumphant article mentioning the rally from this week's issue.

You can also view a few videos of the rally at this White Supremacist website.

The Skinny
I don't particularly know how to feel about a great deal of this, although it saddens my heart quite a bit for reasons manifold. There are so many issues wrapped up here that it's difficult to know where to begin other than to pray and ask for wisdom and peace (strangely, a personal peace that is given in the midst of "wars and rumors of wars"). It is an excercise in understanding, that Life is not about rightness and wrongness, but about following a Man.

You have to give the Mountain Justice folks (the clowns in the video) credit for their sense of humor though. I had to laugh at the guy asking the VNN folks for Vanilla Wafers...


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