Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mindless Maundering

I was having a conversation with a fellow last night, who is living with my friend Ethan Norman. Ethan being the songwriting fellow that he is, his roommate has been continually exposed to the staunch and often seemingly inflammatory opinions about everything in general that artistic people seem to possess. So, after I had earned a few enemies and debunked a good portion of modern art (even in context, thumbing your nose at the mainstream isn't very artistic), he asked me to define art. This is like trying to pick up water between two fingers. Common sense will tell you what is water, what is not, what is wet, and what is dry. But beyond common sense, you have no physical ability to grasp water. I was listening to Alastair Begg on the radio yesterday, and he brought up the interesting bit about today's culture having no common sense. Anyways, there are three portions of an interview with Dick Staub on the Resurgence website. As a believer, they are worth watching. As a person who is thinking, they are worth watching. As a person with no common sense, you might need to get off the internet, and go walk around and get some air.

The Videos

-Interview, Portions 1 & 2

-Interview, Portion 3


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