Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tightening the Lens

Wow, it's been so long since I've written anything off the cuff. It feels a little weird. We can only hope it's like riding a bike. Richard and Karen (Kat's parents) are in town for a few days, so I have the use of Karen's computer, and my neighbors have kindly lent me the use of their wi-fi, from across the street. Don't worry, we have permission.

Kat and I have been listening to a set of CDs given to us by a friend. They detail a seminar led by Dave somebody-or-other on church planting. His name, though, pales in comparison to the Scriptural soundness of what he talks about. It's changing my perspective on a lot of things, including further trips to Scotland. In reality, I'm feeling more focused on what I feel called to do there, which is to give the Church that's already present a spare set of hands. In my human thinking, it doesn't seem very lucrative to spend such elaborate funds to send one set of uncertain hands halfway around the globe, but God has always done more than I will ever know in multiplying my 'two fish'. I'm glad for the focus.

I'm ridiculously excited about Monday night's show. I really can't wait to get a guitar in my hands and get cooking. You should tell your friends that you're going to come and see it, and that they should follow you. And while I'm using Jedi mind tricks, you should bring some money to fund the printing of this album when I get it finished. These are not the droids you're looking for.

Also, this right here is something about which I can't be excited enough. You should be excited too.


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