Thursday, February 07, 2008

News Items

On a small note, the show that I was playing with Greg Adkins in Berea is cancelled, because he and his family are all sick, and Kat and I are on the mend. If you were actually intending to show up there on Friday night and you read this blog (two criteria that I quite wholeheartedly doubt overlap), don't show up to see us. Show up for some spectacular soup and the latte art so perfect that you need a picture. Ahh, food - one of the few arts that is consummated only by its destruction.

In other small news, I got my first rejection letter from a publisher. AGNI Magazine sent me an email saying that they would not be publishing some poems of mine in their upcoming collection. Strange as it may seem, I'm rather pleased. The fact that they decided not to points me toward the idea that someone else might decide the other way.


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