Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Taste of Learning

Our dog has a tendency towards classy tastes.

I first discovered this when I went outside and found that her love of pesto had resulted in the forceful removal of my basil plant from one of the vegetable beds. I found it (somewhat munched) several feet away, looking mildly shriveled and suffering the effects of Post-traumatic stress disorder inasmuch as can be expected from a plant.

My belief in Killy's desire to expand her horizons was further reinforced when I walked into the living room to discover that the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, which I had left tastily open on the floor, had suffered an exhaustive chewing, assumedly accompanied by a meditation on the flavors of biblical references. Killy was saved from an untimely trouncing by the fact that as I held the book in my hand, the words, Concordance of the Bible, came into view. It didn't seem very Christian to abuse my dog, lest she should confront me verbally like Balaam's ass.

The good but anti-climactic news is that both the basil and the concordance have lived through the experience to fight another studious day.


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