Sunday, September 14, 2008


My apologies to anyone who showed up to see me play at Pellissippi last Thursday. I don't really know what sort of advertisement is going on other than my little websites here, but if you came expecting me and I wasn't there, I am sorry. I was supposed to email the guy booking the shows so that he could send me a contract (wow, that's an authoritative word), but I never emailed him back. When he called me, I was in the shower, and our conversation was the best that can be expected over the crash of water onto a fiberglass tub.

Ergo, I misunderstood, thinking that the initial phone call from him was the cement around the edges. No such animal this time. But he said that he booked someone else, and that there are more gigs coming up, so I'll give it another go, sans the fumble, of course.


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