Thursday, November 06, 2008

Old Skin Horse

I've never spent a year of my life on anything. Unless you count school, to which I did not apply a great deal of focus, or growing a beard, which happened because I neglected to shave, I've put most of my time into short, easy endeavors, until now. I've tried to keep this a secret up to this point, because whenever I let the cat out of the bag before it's time, my plans seem to disintegrate like instant oatmeal with too much water, a la James chapter 4. So, after being as vague and aloof as I could be about this for a year of my life....

I am so excited about this record. I'm not feeling particularly well, as I've caught some sort of throat cold, but even though my candy coating is a little stale at this point, I feel a bit like a little schoolgirl with a new pony. A pink one, with a white horn. I've thought this out, as you can see. The lack of time is about the only thing that's keeping me from driving all over town and handing these out to people I know. And people I don't, for that matter. Here's the skinny, though. You can download this at today. And in a few days, as I understand it, and according to the process, you'll be able to download it on iTunes.

So please, download away. And leave a review if you enjoy it, or if you think it needs work. If I need anything, I need good dialogue about the pursuit of excellence. Thank you for listening. Turn the lights down, the dial up, and enjoy.


and Blogger Joe addressed the Senate...

Awesome, dude. You gonna have any hard copies?

9:13 PM, November 07, 2008  

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