Monday, May 25, 2009

Scotland: Drama in Lochee

Somewhere, deep in the Dundonian labyrinth that is the neighborhood of Lochee, half our team spent our afternoon and evening with thirty local kids - playing games, singing songs, doing crowd control, talking about Christ, doing more crowd control, etc. It's one of those mixed blessings to throw out your voice on the afternoon of the first big day trying to sing over thirty rambunctious youngsters without a microphone, and then to have God give you the ability to continue singing on into the even times. We shall suffice the medical assessment to say my throat hurts. But, to grander things we go.

The highlight of the evening, for me, was finally getting the kids quiet enough to make rain. I think this is something Rich Mullins used to do at his concerts (sort of in the "Hallelu, Hallelu" format), but my friend Nathan showed it to me and I've enjoyed the time ever since. If you're ever due to be in front of a crowd with time on your hands, ask me about making rain. The most interesting part was that, after our meeting, some kids pointed out to me that - almost whimsically, I think - it was actually raining. Thank God, the jokes on me.

We did a couple of our dramatic sketches, and I'm still a bit in the dark on how I feel about that. Drama itself is a tool, so we know that it is indeed fallible. I'm not really certain of the Scriptural parameters surrounding drama in corporate worship. I keep leaning towards a biblical study on worship, but I know that twenty people will instantly recommend fifty books to me on the subject. It is a short list indeed of people whose literary recommendations I follow. Ditto with films. Those books might have to go on the stack of must-reads - somewhere beneath a good novel. Wind in the Willows and Gilead, I think.


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