Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Defying the Genre

The first question that crops up is, "What kind of music do you play?"

It rolls across the table from genuine faces and goodly people who mean well. But it's the wrong questions. I've asked it myself, and it's poor communication of what I'm hoping to unearth.

What I really mean to say is, "Who are you?"

That is, if indeed your main vehicle for communication is music, then how can I get to know you through your music? Or photography. Or poetry. Or cooking, cobbling, building. Somehow, who we are always shows up in our work, especially when we're passionate about it. "What kind of music do you play?" or "What sort of shoes do you make?" are just shortcuts because we feel pressed for time. And perhaps rightfully so. It does take more than a lifetime to really know a person.

Because of all this, I am appreciative of beauty in defiance of genre. I was privileged to share in some as my friend Rob Laliberte took the stage at the Square Room this past Friday. Take time and listen to his work and that of a few other gents I know. I'm terrible at writing reviews without sounding insincere, so I'll let the music speak for itself. Enjoy.

Rob Laliberte

Brantley and Stephen Cox

Peter Barbee


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