Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Tune

The unassuming fellow before you is none other than the illustriously talented Ethan Norman. He and I spent the better part of about two years playing shows together and co-writing the occasional song. Ever since I opened a parcel this Christmas to discover the blessing of a recording program - once again, Thanks, Dad! - I've been trying to stay busy converting all the music in my head to a format other than synaptic structure. It's a lot easier to figure out how a song will sound when you can hear all the horrors of bad lap steel playing (care of yours truly) instead of trying to imagine them. This is a wonderful tune Ethan and I wrote (mostly Ethan, actually) about a French lady we've seen on television. I'll let you figure that one out. Enjoy.

Apple From This Tree by Adam Whipple


and Blogger reub-envision addressed the Senate...

~i enjoyed listening to this song
thanks for sharing

12:24 PM, March 05, 2011  

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