Friday, March 04, 2011

House Show

Amid the trumpet blasts of daffodils, the spangling of crocuses, we gathered in the home of two dear friends. They were gracious enough to allow six unpredictable musicians (are there any other kinds?) houseroom to set up the fittingly weird marriage of electronics, strings, wood, and metal. We had rehearsed, but what we hoped for was not a perfect show. We hoped for a miracle, that blatantly real and unearthly thing that happens when Good gets out of control and we begin to hang on for dear sweet life.

The table was weighed down by the richest of fare. We ate and drank and stepped up to the microphones with fear and trembling. All the world is desperately important - life and death. But when the last note had rolled out like the trailing whisper of a thundercloud, we realized that we had been a part of something which was more than the sum of its parts. I am thankful. Much thanks, as well, to all those who came to Nate and Emily's house tonight. It's never the same without you.

Cast List:
Taylor Brown - drums, percussion, piano, hats
Burt Elmore - electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo, bedlam
Robyn James - viola, vocals, stomping, clapping, grooves
Ethan Norman - acoustic, vocals, Saxony
Patricia Peacock - cello, stomping, clapping, fantasy creatures
aw - guitar, harmonica, accordion, piano, vocals, shenanigans
Nate & Emily Sharpe - house


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