Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gadzooks! Another stupid advertisement!

Since the advent of viral marketing, NoiseTrade - i.e., the makers of the fantastic download widget on the sidebar to your right - has had the gall to take advantage of the fact that we all talk about Superbowl commercials and anything else we find interesting. I've talked about Noisetrade before, so I won't go into that again, but here are a few updates.

You can now download my record for FREE by inputting only your email address and postal code. This helps me to look at places where people are listening to my music and will help me to plan shows in the future. It also puts your email on a list so that I can keep you informed at whiles. No, I will not send you an advert for Canadian medication. No, I will not fill your inbox with email about cheap fake Rolex watches. No, I will not send you a puppy. Have no fear. The download page, NoiseTrade.com/adamwhipple, also includes a tip jar, just like that one sitting on the bar at the coffee shop. Free download. Tip if you like. Not a bad deal. Noisetrade will send you a follow-up email a little ways after you download. This invites you to tell folks about what you've heard and toss a buck in the tip jar.

I'm a fan of the low-pressure environment. Hopefully, this will be just that.